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Black Womans Journey to Vegetarianism

5 Mar

SO now i am a vegetarian…

***before i get started i would like to make an announcement that i dislike all forms of labeling. I don’t really know what i should be called, label or categorized as other than me***

So anyway as i was saying i am a vegetarian that will eat fish occasionally, eggs when i want, and has a cheese addiction that i am truly going to break.

Y am i making a post in reference to this, when i search this world-wide web, i cant find any personal plights or journey from black women or men on their journey from meat to no meat, i am sure there are people but i cant find them so i decided hey i am going to write my trials and tribulations down for people to criticize, laugh at, and relate to.

Y do i have to separate by my skin color? because i am a black woman and it is relevent. culturally i have been raised from soul food, kool aid, a good ice-cold Pepsi, and great fried chicken. I can COOK. i mean any and everything and make you come back for more, but as a Goddess, mother, sister, and wife, i decided two years ago that my unhealthy eating had made my stomach protruding, forgetful, tired, angry, acne, horrible cramps, fibroid and a host of other problems.

I tried for two years to change my eating lifestyle. Vanity was not my motivation, i wanted it to be but my will power was like some people like fat out shape women LOL but some do like “thick, but you really are overweight and unhealthy women.” That did nothing for me in the form of changing my ways. Then i determined well i can do it for spiritual reasons. bring out my true goddess, cant meditate or focus or open my third eye with this poison running through my veins. Still i could not break this addiction.

Eventually, and i believe everything is a process, it was time i began reading this book: Sistah Vegan by A Breeze Harper

This book made sense to me, it stopped me cold turkey when it came to eating meat. This might not touch you in the ways it touched me but this is MY story MY testimony.

What i will post, are my short comings, recipes, information that i find interesting or helpful, my gripes, my complaints and what i am feeling at the time.

I will post my unusual crazy topics or things i find interesting.

Words on my recipes, there are still old recipes i have listed on this blog before i transitioned, so don’t  get all high and mighty on me about the ones that have meat.