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Law of Gender

8 Jan

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles Gender; manifests on all planes.” — The Kybalion.

This last law out of the 7 universal laws embodies the idea that gender is manifested in everything.Gender is manifested as the Masculine and Feminine principles, and manifests itself on all planes.

Mental Gender is described as a Hermetic concept which relates to the masculine and feminine principles. It does not refer to the physical gender of someone, nor does it suggest that someone of a certain physical gender necessarily has the same mental gender. Ideally, one wants to have a balanced mental gender.

The concept put forth in The Kybalion states that gender exists on all planes of existence (Physical, Mental, and Spiritual), and represents different aspects on different planes. It is also stated that everything and everyone contains these two elements or principles.

The Masculine principle is always in the direction of giving out or expressing, and contents itself with the “Will” in its varied phases.

The Feminine principle is always in the direction of receiving impressions, and has a much more varied field of operation than the Masculine. The Feminine conducts the work of generating new thoughts , concepts, and ideas, including the work of the imagination.

It is said that there must be a balance in these two forces. Without the Feminine, the Masculine is apt to act without restraint, order, or reason, resulting in chaos. The Feminine alone, on the other hand, is apt to constantly reflect and fail to actually do anything, resulting in stagnation. With both the Masculine and Feminine working in conjunction, there is thoughtful action that breeds success. which point out that both the Feminine and the Masculine fulfill each other.


Law of Cause and Effect

20 Dec

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

The Kybalion

CAUSE and EFFECT is a person’s “Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” or “Whatsoever a man sows, that will he also reap.” It is the Dharma/Karma of Human Causation. It can work in reverse but with possible dire and desperate consequences (Karma). When humans suffer, it not because of the punishment of GOD, but because they have initiated CAUSE AND EFFECT in their erring ways and are experiencing the consequences of those choices. We are responsible in what we do, how we do it, and what we choose. There is no escape from this immutable LAW.


The Principle of Cause and Effect is ever at work with chains of causations and effects that govern all of manifested life and matter. If a person was to follow each chain link of causation, it will be found that it has its beginning and ending (as Above, so below….) in the non material realm, the realm of Spirit. It affects, for example, the throwing of dice on a gambling table or a rock slide that is caused by rain and wind. Each can be followed and understood to the observing Mind which sees the cycles in all things, and realizes that all things follow the Great LAW. The LAW itself is illusive and cannot be proven other than observed with the Mind and is utilized to determine the causations and effects of a given event.

How else should an experiment be done on a LAW that is Mental in nature, unless a result can be produced within the effects of known physical laws? The Principle of Cause and Effect transcends all known physical laws.

When this law is used with conscious effort, desired results can be produced in a person’s life by steering him or herself along definite paths of causation. When the law is used in an unconscious and haphazard mind, the effects could become potentially disastrous for the individual or group of individuals. So called “accidents” could occur without warning to individuals who toil through life without awareness. We are responsible for the very thoughts that we produce and the final result of our own mental alchemy.

Fear is one of the most dangerous mental causation that prevents a person from thinking and acting properly. The cause of fear is the result of a lack of knowledge about the unknown GOD which should be the most important educational journey in a persons life.

The causation of fear and resulting superstition can only be removed through knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about the reality that we live, move, and have our being, in order to produce the desired effects in our lives. The greatest evil under the sun according to Hermes, is “Not knowing God.”

In every minute thought of intention, action, and emotion that is performed, a person sets into motion unseen chains of Causations and Effects which will vibrate from the mental Plane throughout the entire cellular structure of body, out into the environment, and finally into the Cosmos. Eventually the vibratory energy returns to its originator upon the return swing of the pendulum. All this in less time than the twinkling of an eye. The effects of this principle can be observed in the current status and events of various political, social, financial, religious, and commercial upheavals. When observing the commercial stock exchanges in the world, the Rhythms can be observed in the rise and fall of stocks and bonds on the exchange board. What is not understood, are the true forces back of and behind all these things that cause the rise and fall in everything which is ruled by the Principle of RHYTHM. The seven principles of Universal Cosmic Law work synergistically and animates the Universe with LIFE.


Universal Law-Law of Rhythm

18 Dec

The law of rhythm is another universal laws and it states that everything is moving to and fro, flowing in and out, swinging backward and forward. There is a high and a low tide. Everything is flowing, both in and out,in accordance with this law.

This law tells us that there is always a reaction to every action. Something must advance when anything retreats; something must rise when anything sinks. This law governs the movement of the planets in their orbits and also manifests in the mineral and vegetable kingdoms. Men and women can observe this law in their mental, physical and emotional states.

The Law of Rhythm is universal. This can be observed in the rising and setting of the sun and moon, ebb and flow of the tides, coming and going of the seasons, and in the rhythmic swing of consciousness and unconsciousness.

You are not going to feel good all of the time; no one does. If you did, you wouldnÕt even know it. The LOW FEELINGS are what permit you to enjoy the HIGH FEELINGS – Bob Proctor

There will always be highs and lows in life. We have the ability to choose our thoughts because we are born with free will. You can decide what to think any moment of your life. Even when you are on a natural down swing, you can choose good thoughts with your free will and continue to move up toward your goal.

Prinicple of Polarity

21 Nov
“Everything is dual, everything has polarity, everything has its opposite. All things are paired by an opposite, the similar and opposite are the same, as opposites are united in nature, differing only in degree. The ends meet, all half-truths are united in completion and the paradox is reconciled.”


The hermetic teachings say of the diametric difference that exists between seemingly opposite things is only a question of degree. And they affirm that every pair of opposites can be reconciled, the thesis and the antithesis are identical in nature and differ only in degree. The universal reconciliation of opposites is recognized in this Principle of Polarity. Examples of this principle are everywhere, when the real nature of things is examined. Spirit and matter are no other than poles of the same thing, being merely planes seemingly separated by degrees of vibration. The ALL and the many are the same, their only enduring difference being in the degree they manifest to the mind. In like manner, the LAW and the many laws are separate poles of the same, and a single, thing. It is the same with the PRINCIPLE and principles, with the infinite MIND and the finite mind.

On the physical plane we find that hot and cold are identical in nature, their only difference being a simple question of degrees. The thermometer indicates degrees of temperature, being the lower pole being called “cold” and the higher one called “heat”. Between these two there are many degrees of hot and cold and whichever name we may give them is correct. Of any two degrees, the higher one is always hot in comparison with the lower one, which is therefore colder. There is not any one place on the thermometer at which heat absolutely ceases and cold begins. Everything can be broken down into measurements of higher or lower vibrations. The same words: “higher” and “lower”, that we are compelled to use are nothing more than the two poles of the same thing; the terms are relative. It is the same with “East” and “West”. If we travel around the world in an Eastern direction we will end up in a place to the “West” of the place from which we start. If we go sufficiently far to the North we will be traveling South, and just the opposite.

This fact is what allows for the hermetic mental transmutation from one mental state to another by shifting the polarity. Different types of things cannot be transmuted into something else, but a thing can be refined without becoming something else. Therefore love cannot be transformed into east or west, red or violet, but can change to hate and equally hate can change to love, by changing polarity. Bravery can be transformed into fear and vice versa. Things that are hard can become soft, hot changed to cold, and so on but always it is things changing by degrees within the range of their own kind. In this way a cowardly man, if his mental vibrations rise on the scale between fear and bravery, may become filled with courage and scorn danger. Likewise, someone who is lazy can become active and energetic by polarizing toward the desired quality.

Understanding this great hermetic principle allows a better understanding or our mental states, and those of others also. Further, it becomes apparent that those mental states differ only by degrees, and by understanding this fact we are able to elevate inner vibrations through will, changing their polarity. In this we become the owner of our thoughts, instead of being enslaved and made servant to them. This knowledge will also allow you to offer assistance to others by using these methods appropriately to change their polarity. It is desirable to become familiar with this principle because understanding it well will provide greater light when dealing with dark and difficult problems.

Raising Your Vibrational Energy

14 Nov

So if you have been following my blog I have been researching Universal Laws, and the last one I listed was the Law of Vibrations.

So if we know everything runs off of vibrations we have to now realize what raises our vibrations. So here is a list that I have compiled from researching the internet and youtube. Take in mind there are others, these listed are what works for ME.

1. Reading: stimulates imagination assists with the development of intellect and excites perception.

2. Meditate- quiets the mind to open communication from the source.

3. Rid or Limit the Toxic People from our life. They suck the positive energy from us like a vampire. Think about going around someone angry or sad. you become angry or sad also when you leave them. or sometimes you just feel drained.

4. Join progressive positive people. This works as the above but in reverse. you feel better being in there presence or talking to them.

5. No synthetic drugs or to much consumption of alcohal. alters the mind.

6. Purify the body with more raw fruits or veggies. the more toxic food you eat the more you can not hear the source.

7.Drink lots of H20. Water is conduit for energy, the more you drink the easier it is to raise levels. Water also aids in removing toxins from your body.

8. Regular exercise, endorphines are released.

9. Music that evokes joy, peace, and love. Music carries vibrations in itself. I always feel better after i dance.

10. Freely expressing your emotions whatever it is and however your body wants to do it. ie. crying or screaming, or jumping up and down. Emotions manages our electrical surges.

11. Release all fears.

12. laughter

13. nature, whatever puts you at peace. National Parks, lakes, rivers or oceans.

14. Cleansing Spiritual Bath, i will get into that later, but i always feel better after a nice bath, cleanses away the negative energy.

15. Journaling

16. Practicing Compassion.

Principle of Vibrations

10 Nov

The Principle of Vibration embodies the idea that motion is manifest in everything in the Universe, that nothing rests, and everything moves, vibrates, and circles. This principle explains that the differences between different manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, are the result of only different “vibrations”. The higher a person is on the scale, the higher the rate of vibration will be. Here, The All is purported to be at an infinite level of vibration, almost to the point of being at rest. There are said to be millions upon millions of varying degrees between the highest level, The All, and the objects of the lowest vibration.

Mental Transmutation is described as the practical application of this principle. To change one’s mental state is to change vibration. One may do this by an effort of Will, by means of deliberately “fixing the attention” upon a more desirable state

Principle of Correspondence

8 Nov

Law states there is always correspondence of laws and actions between the various planes of being and life.

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”

This principle states that there is a harmony, agreement and correspondence between these planes, delineated as

The Great Physical Plane The Great Mental Plane The Great Spiritual Plane

Universal Law- Law of Mentalism

25 Oct

THE ALL (which is all that is apparent to our material senses – matter, energy) is spirit. There isn’t any “thing” that doesn’t exist apart from, or outside of mind.

My perception of the rule: Everything is created by your thought it is not wrong or right, it “is” because of your perception and you creating “it.” Everything is a spirit created by a thought.

The Sufi story about the blind men and the elephant fits very well here; one blind man feels the elephant’s ear and describes the animal as flat and thin, another, touching a leg relates that it is thick and cylindrical, yet another grasping the tail says that the elephant is like a rope. Each one, within the limited context of their finite senses, shares an incomplete, yet somewhat valid piece of the whole. None of them realizes that their own biases paint the same entity as different, while in fact; they are just isolated (and distorted) aspects of a greater truth.

 As we remember to apply this principle more routinely, we empower and bless our lives with much more compassion, tolerance, and genuine forgiveness (based on seeing “others” as “self”, with nothing “out there” to forgive.