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My Daily Prayer

20 Jun

Dear Father,

Please forgive me father for I have sinned. I  have ingested unnatural food i have indulged in to much alcohal and not taken care of my body as you have commanded. Father my focus is off I havent read your Word, haven’t spoken with my spirit or in tongue. my self control is non existant. i havent been to church. i attempt to make decisions and choices on my own with asking and waiting for your direction.

i fight anger with anger i havent been a godly woman in the way i have handled situations.

today i am asking for your help to maintain self control, to clear my mind, focus on my god called position, maintain my queendom of a goddess, to look towards goodly things only, seperate me from the evil things and people.

To love unconditionally, to speak kindly, to read the word daily, to stay awake and be prepared for the time has come for your arrival.

i love you heavenly father