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Wardrobe Essentials

13 Nov

1. A black pencil skirt

2. nice pair of jeans in a dark rinse

3. cute ballet flats (preferably embellished)

4. a white collared shirt (wear with dark blue jeans and ballet flats for a crisp and instantly chic look)

 5. A trench coat

 6. classic black pumps

7. brown riding boots

8. a statement daytime bag

9. evening bag

10. snazzy grey blazer

 11. a few nice blouses

12. a pretty silk scarf

13. A little black dress

 14. a winter coat in a bright color (just because it makes a statement and is different from the black and brown coats everyone else wears)

 15. a nice collection of costume and investment jewelry


dig it

9 Jun

dig it

25 May
chanel bag

dig it

12 May
like this alot

clothing obsession

8 Apr

I must get this oooohhh i would look so good sitting on the beach in florida listening to some jazz wearing this ensemble. jealous much LMAO and its only 19.99