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Body Obsession Lisa Raye McCoy

10 Sep

this weeks motivation


Workout for six pack abs

30 Jul

Nia Long Body Obsession

19 Jul

i think she has timeless beauty and she has a beautiful body she is a true woman.

ladies let this motivate you

i like the fact that this is more realistic

I want to look like this

16 Jul

Jennifer Lopez

18 May

Ciara… Body Obsession

24 Apr

my motivation continues as summer rolls closer. let her motivate u to get that there n shape.


8 Apr

i simply love all of her
Jan. 17, 2010 - Hollywood, California, United States - Presenting actress Halle Berry poses in the pressroom of the 67th Annual Golden s Awards presented by the Hollywood Forreign Press Association at Hotel Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA on january 17th, 2010. 2010.K64261AM. © Red Carpet Pictures
39250, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday April 6 2010. Halle Berry leaves the Staples Centre in LA after seeing the Alicia Keys concert. Photographer: Adrian Varnedoe,
enough ENOUGH already of obsessing i feel like cutting my hair off and never eating again

Body Obsession

20 Mar
So I started P90X which is a kick ass workout and it really does work you out. i had gotten sick so i stopped after a week but tommorow i will resume this workout STRONG. i am going to the Sea Breeze Jazz Festival and I have to be in shape so i will be posting fabolous bodies that i admire to keep ME
 F O C U S E D
I love Mel B i think she is the total package and she seems fun to be around. Anyway here are some inspirational pictures for us all