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The top 5 places for the longest living people

28 Mar

Okinawa: Japan
Symi: Greece
Campodimele: Southern Italy
Huza: Northwestern Pakistan
Bama: Southern China


50 secrets of the Worlds Longest Living People

28 Mar

I am not in search of what to do to live forever but i am looking for the fountain of youth. to feel and look younger at all time.  I also love to read. I found this book and started reading it, I found this so wonderful and captivating.

If you did not know i hate living in the US i find that we are a culture less society and that it would be better if i live in Greece, Paris, Italy, South Africa even Canada would be better then this. So anywho of course our lifestyle in the US shows that we are a cancer laden society with all these health problems because of our diet and our stressful lifestyle.

I will be posting 1 secret at time so we all can benefit.