im not a junior anymore … random thought

13 Apr

i went shopping today and as i was trying on clothes. i looked like a whore. a bad one at that. meaning everything i tried on was tooo tight in all the wrong places. yes my ass looked big but tacky, my thighs were popping out the sides, and who in the hell thought of low rise jeans in the first fucking place.

then i ventured to a different section of the store, oh what is this, Misses section. the jeans fit perfectly showed my shape but not too tight, the jeans fit right up to my belly button, i can breathe, i likes this.

Excited about this new find i contacted my BFF. she laughed at me. Jaye you still shop in juniors you have a baby now, your hips have spread, you are a woman and may i remind you, you are 3*.

Right on, so i got to thinking i do dress so immature, i mean half the time i am in a uniform so i dont really think about my street clothing as much anymore. i dont go to clubs so i dont need club wear.

i am going to start picking some new pieces, more age appropriate because did you guys know… i am a woman now. (SMILE)

p.s. then y am i in an A cup 😦 (so frusturating)


One Response to “im not a junior anymore … random thought”

  1. me April 15, 2010 at 7:29 pm #

    Hilarious!! I had that moment a few years back. Sad but you get over it. there is sooooo much good stuff about being 3*. Enjoy that.Jah BlessNaturally UK

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