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Good Hair HO HUM

24 Feb

So when i was a perm head everyone use to tell me oh what “good hair” you have, blah blah blah. and if now i reflect on that statement on y my hair was considered “good hair” i found it was not in regards to length i rocked it short and long. true my hair grew fast because A. it was healthy. but i guess because it was fine not tooo thick and “nappy” or whatever easily manageable, when new growth came up it did not look noticable.

Soo i cut all my hair off completely bald. so what happened to my “Good Hair”

the good hair as i view it for naturals are that thick nappy strong hair. that i can wet and it will get big and curly, you two strand twist it and it will stay in beautiful thick coils.

But what i have found my hair is not that way it is STRINGY, STRAIGHT, NO CURL PATTERN, FRIZZY

So what the fuck (its my blog i can curse) i feel like a failure like i want to give up and just straighten my natural hair. no not a perm but ya know with flat irons because whats the point it dont act right.

HO HUM i am in a pursuit of the best damn products for a wash and go and twist outs, roller sets, flexi rod, and braidouts.

here is a recent pic of my hair debacle. PS I dont like it

its a conditioner, glycerin, and water mix. hmmmm NOPE DONT LIKE IT

so i need to ask myself what is it i am expecting this is my hair accept it as it is, right………

i have to pic up Zboy write my thoughts later


Hair Product Review of Mane n’ Tail Shea Butter and Aloe Creme

3 Feb

My miracle cream

**Okay first off this product or any product i review does not contain petroleum or mineral oils**


Our exclusive hydro-gel conditioner, formulated with the added benefit of natural herbs and vitamins, for longer, stronger healthier looking hair.

• Shea butter for maximum scalp conditioning

• Aloe Vera for soothing and healing

• Reduces frizzy look, eliminates scalp itch and flaking

• Restores natural softness and shine

Some of the ingrediants
water, olive oil, canola oil, castor oil, shea butter,sweet almond oil, horsetail, colt foot, horse chestnut seed, clover flower, wheat protien, aloe vera


I love Love LOVE this product, i used it to flat iron my natural hair. I placed this on each section let it melt my tangles, it conditioned and smoothed my strands sooo good.

This will always be a product staple for me. It was not to thick or to thin perfect consistency for me. but as all things when you apply it in your hair just dont overuse. days later my hair is still soft.